Evaluation of the 2nd meeting in Prague 14-15 May, 2018

Evaluation of the 2nd meeting in Prague 14-15 May, 2018

Aims of the Prague meeting:

  1. Presentations on the results of O1-O2 - ICT skill demands-presentations of the countries, e-Competence Map – CAPDM, Conclusions
  2. Evaluation and closing O1-O2, publication of the results - all partners
  3. Starting O3, discussion of the distribution of work- development of syllabus and content development
  4. Starting O4, distribution of work - implementation of LMS, planning the online course, etc.
  5. Dissemination activities, publications
  6. Financial issues

Please give your opinion by completing this short questionnaire.

Please indicate whether you agree or disagree with the following statements

 1 = strongly agree, 2 = agree, 3 = don't know ,  4 = disagree, 5 = strongly disagree

strongly agreeagreedon't knowdisagreestrongly disagree
1. We arrived at the venue without any problems *
2. The meeting was well organised *
3. The meeting objectives were clear *
4. The Coordinator helped to achieve the meeting objectives *
5. There was a cooperative athmosphere at the meeting *
6. Refreshments were of high quality *
7. The meeting room was comfortable and suitable for work *
8. The hosting organisation did a good job *
9. I liked the cultural program *
strongly agreeagreedon't knowdisagreestrongly disagree
10. Progress report was accurate and understandable *
11. The National State of Art Reports and survey results, conclusions in O1-O2 of Hungary, Macedonia were clear and understandable. *
12. ICT-skill-demands of the agricultural labour market – summary and conclusions, were clear and contain useful information that needs to be taken into consideration in further intellectual outputs *
13. The summary of O1-O2 was clear and contained useful suggestions on the development of O3. *
14. The presentation of the Competence Map was understandable and clear. *
15. The first version of the syllabus template is well-used and clear. *
16. The presentations of the three Agriteach 4.0 modules are clear and well-designed. *
17. I am happy with the proposed structure of the core curriculum. *
18. I am happy with my task allocation for O3. *
19. The presentation of the Agritech e-learning platform was clear, and the use of the platform is understandable. *
20. I am happy with my task allocation for O4. *
21. All the objectives on Day 1 were met. *
Aims of the first day: Project aims, objectives, work plan, outcomes.
strongly agreeagreedon't knowdisagreestrongly disagree
22. The final agreement on content development is appropriate and understandable. *
23. The objectives and planning of multiplication events are clear. *
24. I understand all my responsibilities around dissemination and how important to upload regularily. *
25. I have a knowledge of the financial requirements *
26. I understand clearly what my duties will be in the next project period. *
27. I am happy with the dates of the next meeting in Macedonia. *
28. The goals of the second day were achieved *
Aims of the second day:Planning the activities, tasks of O3-4, discussing all tasks related to the planned outcome; Financial issues, planning the next partner meeting
What issues do you consider should be improved in the planning of the coming transnational meetings?
Please, comment on all those aspects not considered in the questionnaire and/or those aspects you think should be taken into further account.
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